Registered Native Title Body Corporate IPIMA IKAYA - One Voice

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We have been exploring and developing frameworks for native title holders to work with scientists and experts, retain data and utilize it for our own purposes to make improvements and establish monitoring systems on the land and sea.

We are aiming to establish a land and sea management centre as a one stop shop for outside agencies to check in with first before proceeding with their business on our country.

Research clearances will be required from our traditional owner’s ethic committee before any projects, filming, recordings or research can proceed.

We have developed partnerships with a number of agencies who are supporting us to develop our frameworks and working with us to develop some baseline data for the region, working within a codesign approach, we greatly appreciate their support and expertise.


Our partners include:


CSIRO Climate Change Hub


Commonwealth Marine Parks


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority


Great Barrier Reef Foundation


Cape York Grass Roots Aboriginal Corporation


Cape York Natural Resources Management